Looking for a Great Source for Designer Clothes?

If you are a woman then it is very likely that you put quite a bit of importance into the way that you look. This is true for a lot of women and that looking great is something that a lot of women really strive to achieve on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to look good would be to dress good, with some people actually considering that it is the clothes that makes the person. While this is not true for all people, the fact of the matter is that being able to dress well look good as a result will definitely give an individual a little extra advantage.

When it comes to clothing, some of the best that can be had are designer clothes. Being designed by people who are very much into fashion, there is a very good chance that designer clothing will be able to give the wearer the best and most up to date styles possible. Also, a lot of designer clothing are made to better standards compared to more generic ones so not only do they look great, they also exude a premium feel and is something that a wearer will definitely appreciate.

If designer clothes are what you want to buy, then it is possible that your current source for such pieces is the local mall. The problem with this is that not only are designer clothes from these sources quite expensive, there is also a big chance that you will have the same clothing as with other people in the area, which means there is no uniqueness factor any more. If you are looking for a great source for designer clothes then ifchic.com is one website that you will surely want to visit.

One of the main reasons why you will want to make ifchic.com one of the sources for your designer clothes, if not the main one, is the fact that the website offers up and coming designer brands that may not yet still be available in your local stores or malls. This definitely gives you a great advantage as this means that the pieces that you can get from the website may be unique to your area, which will definitely help you to stand out from the rest in a positive way.

Another advantage to purchasing from this website is that it does not just offer clothes. Instead, the website also offers accessories like belts, bags, jewelry and many more. So whether you want to upgrade your main wardrobe or simply improve your accessories game, ifchic.com will have the pieces that you need.

Lastly, one of the best reasons for you to purchase from the website is that ifchic.com offers prices that are noticeably lower than what brick and mortar stores have for this items. This can allow you to save a lot of money on your fashion purchases or allow you to buy more items from the website, allowing you to easily improve the number of fashionable and stylish pieces that you have in your closet.

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Booking Fashion Photographers – Easy Steps to Spot the Pro

The quest for booking fashion photographers is not an easy one. There are up and coming talents as well as proven and tested ones in the industry. Thus, the question is how do you choose the best fashion photographer for your next line or project? It is best o filter out the best professional in this field, particularly the one that suits your needs and budget. Booking fashion photographers requires you to take an extra closer and careful look. The fashion photographer is not just someone that takes pictures of you or your products. The right fashion photographer reflects your brand or modeling goals. The right fashion photographer also invests effort elsewhere in the line or project. Thus, booking fashion photographers and hiring them for your project is a deliberate and measured decision. It is not just picking someone in a random manner to do photo shoots for you.

Before Booking Fashion Photographers Today

booking fashion photographers The most important thing for you to look into is the photographer’s portfolio. Look for consistency in the portfolio and compare it with others. The fashion photography work of the professional to hire may vary from broody and dark to airy and light. Make sure that photographer shows a consistent thematic feel in the portfolio before booking fashion photographers. Do not choose a photographer whose portfolio is all over the place. This will basically minimize the risk of getting disappointed after booking fashion photographers. You can have a good look at their portfolio through various sources. You can check the website of the photographer online and see the consistency of their approach. Photographers that have a consistent feel in each and every shot could certainly replicate their magic touch. Fashion photographers that tend to assure you good results through modifications are not that secured or confident in their raw materials. Plus, retouching the shot is quite expensive and mainly consumes precious time. Booking fashion photographers demands a careful review of the photographer’s portfolio. Don’t rush into hiring just some random person with a camera on hand. The good news is that there are numerous competent and professional fashion photographers available right now.

Careful review of the photographer’s portfolio leads you into examining the visual tonality of their work. That tone and vision must basically match your brand and project. For instance, go for a fashion photographer that captures attention to detail for hand-crafted brands. A fashion forward brand needs a fashion photographer that is up to date and up to speed with trendsetting niches. Always remember that when booking fashion photographers, there should be a clear connection between your unique and specific brand and the photographer that interprets it on pictures. Although the ability and flexibility to adapt is a good quality, it is not a good sign in this case. Fashion photographers must not adapt to your needs on the day of the photo shoot. They should basically have the same idealisms and interpretation of your brand. Look for Jarek Duk when booking fashion photographers now!

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Looking For Amazing Dresses For 2016?

It’s the new year so it’s the time for celebrating the entry of the new year and also the time for new year’s resolutions and whatever promises that an individual may have to change for the better. If you are a woman then not only will you want to make promises to get fit or be more hardworking; it would also be great if you are able to freshen up your look to go with the new year.

Changing your look for the new year is definitely a great way to start it. With a fresh look, you will be able to somehow reinvent yourself for the better and that this can definitely be helpful in you starting whatever goals you may have had coming into the new year.

Undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your look is your clothing so you will definitely want to make sure that you are able to add fresh if not new pieces to your wardrobe. You do not have to completely throw away your existing wardrobe in favor of a whole new set of clothing but adding pieces that can add a little more variety into your look will definitely go a long way to improving your appearance.

If you have been strictly using outfits that include shirts or blouses for your bottoms and pants and shorts for your bottoms, then it would be a great idea for you to add dresses to your clothing. Not only will this give you a little more formal and serious look; adding dresses to your wardrobe can also give you a much more feminine appearance which some might find to be quite attractive.

Now if you are looking for a great source for clothing in the UK that will be able to provide you with great looking pieces without you having to go through a lot of hassle to do your shopping manually then Divine Trash is the clothing provider that you will want to work with.

What’s great about Divine Trash is that it is an online service. What this means is that you do not have to personally go to the store in order to look for dresses to add to your wardrobe. Instead, all you need to do is to visit the website and browse through the many beautiful pieces that the service has to offer.

With Divine Trash’s website, you will be able to get all of the information that you need regarding the clothes that you are interested in. Aside from the high quality pictures that are shown; Divine Trash also offers a host of information including fabrics used in the clothing, accurate measurements for the clothes and many more so you will have all of the information that you will ever need regarding the purchase that you will be making.

Aside from the conveniences, Divine Trash offers the best selection for womens dresses 2016 with workmanship and materials that are of top quality so you will definitely be able to enhance your wardrobe as well as your look this new year.

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Steps on Getting the Best Custom-made Suits and Shirts

How would you like to have a shirt that fits you so well to a point that every contour of your body is nicely carved and accentuated while you wear your shirt? Your muscles would definitely be highly emphasized giving you an awesome look which you would never really achieve if you were wearing one of those ready-made shirts that you could buy from the departments stores. Well, surely you would be desirous of owning that kind of shirt, and you would certainly were confidently the shirt like a model because you are so damn sure that your shirt fits you well. You could have this kind of shirt if you would have your shirt tailor-made for you. Yes, you heard it right! You would surely get the best suits and shirts for yourself if you got your suits and shirts custom-made for you. The meticulous process by which your body will be measured during the measurement process would surely impress you, because to come up with the fittest shirt and suit for yourself, you need to have every contour and flow of your body measured. Anywhere in the world, you would surely find a tailor that would get your body measurement; yet, if you are living in Australia, you should look for exclusive mens suits melbourne-based company that produces custom-made shirts and suits.
The process of getting your tailor-made shirts and suits is a four-step process. First, you have to call the company to book a fitting service. You got different options to get booked for a fitting service; you can book your fitting service via email or you can inquire via phone from the company. Second, after you were able to have yourself fitted and measured, you can now go on selecting the kind of fabric that you want to use in your suits or shirts. Likewise, during this step, you can discuss with the service the style that you would like to have in your shirts and suits. The measuring service may take around an hour; hence, you should allot time for this procedure. Likewise, it is necessary that you wear something that would allow you to readily have your body measurements taken during the fitting session. While being measured, you can then discuss the intricate details of your shirts and suits. After three to five weeks, your shirts and suits will be ready for final fitting. You will be contacted by the company to inform you of the availability of your finished shirts and suits. Hence, you will be scheduled for final fitting to figure out if the custom-made shirts and suits perfectly fit you.
The process may take a lot of time and effort on your part because it consists of several steps that you have to comply with, unlike if you are going to buy a ready-made shirt and suit. Yet, the process may be more rewarding because you will get the fittest shirts and suits of your life. Likewise, you will surely get satisfied with the end results, and if there is any problem, the service can make adjustment to make sure that there is no hitch or problem when you get your tailor-made suits and shirts.

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Gift For Your Wife

This Christmas, you can make your spouse feel extra special by giving her gifts. By just giving her at least one, it would be possible for you to get plus points from her. Instead of simply greeting your partner in life with a simple Merry Christmas, it would be best for you to buy her something instead. If you could, you should get your wife something that she might be interested in. If not that, you could settle for an object that may be useful for her. But, because there are lots of options to choose from, you should try to know some of the most common presents that husbands give their wives for the holidays. This approach can give you convenience and possibly the chance to make your relationship with your lifetime partner richer. For some gift ideas that you may want to take into consideration, please read on.

Women can’t get enough of clothes, according to many, so you could get your wife some outfits that she could wear. If not sets of garments, you could get her pieces of underwear. Sure enough, when you’d purchase lingerie or casual clothes for your wife, you’d give her practical presents that she could appreciate and really be proud of. Before you buy some, though, you should take your wife’s body measurements. That’s so you would know what sizes of garments to purchase. If you’re planning on a surprise then you could obtain her body dimensions discreetly with the help of your mother-in-law or the female siblings of your companion. You could also get help from your wife’s female friends too. Still, though, you have to ask her about her personal interest and preferences when it comes to clothes because you have to avoid getting clothing that can cause allergic reactions or so. If you wish to have a look at some fine clothes that you might want to get for your wife, you could look for womens clothing 2015 on the internet.

Another practical thing that you could purchase for your spouse is a handbag. Straight women in general love using handbags. Some even consider a bag to be a necessity. Take note that, unlike men, females have lots of things to carry with them when they go to places. Since they’re conscious of their looks and they care about what people think about them, they bring with them cosmetics and other things for vanity. Together with them, they also carry money and other things for hygiene. For your wife, you could get a clutch bag or any type of bag that she could carry around. You could go for a signature model or one that is generic. What’s important is that you’d get the kind that could accommodate the things that your spouse usually has with her when she travels.

Although it might be tricky for you to buy some, you could purchase cosmetics as well. There are different kinds to choose from. You could get lip balm, lip stick, powder or other similar things for your wife. Like what was mentioned above, though, you have to go for products that your spouse are used to using and not those that she hasn’t tried yet to avoid dealing with possible adverse reactions.

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Clothing Preferences And Fashion Trends

There are people who think that the kind of clothing that a person wears is indicative of the character and personality of that person. Well, in some way, this reasoning can be a bit right, but it is not always the case. In fact, if we will use the manner of clothing worn by a person as a gauge in judging the character of a person, then more often we will be mistaken in our judgment and may become a victim of our own biases.

Clothing is surely not absolutely indicative and expressive of the character of a person. Some people for example who wear skimpy dress may be more conservative than those who wear long gowns. Similarly, some people who are wearing long robes and clothing may be more liberal and lustful in outlook than those who wear skimpily dressed. For this reason, it would be wrong to appraise the character and mentality of a person based solely on the kind of dress that a person wears.

Throughout the world, there are various types of clothing that are popularly used. Every culture seems to have something unique to present to the world. Say, for instance, in Japan, they got kimonos; in India, they got sari; and in the Middle East, they got what we popularly call the “abaya.” The abaya is a very modest form of clothing in the sense that it is designed to ensure that no part of a woman’s body will be seen in public by men except those of the face, hands, and feet. For long, the abaya has been a symbol of modesty in the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

Clothing is indeed often indicative of the culture of different places. However, with the onset of the World Wide Web, almost everyone nowadays can readily see the different fashion trends around the world. From time to time, we often see fashion runways where models sport abaya and even kimonos in different designs and colors. Likewise, we often see some models that wear different designs of maxi shirt. These greater exposures to different types of clothing provide people from different countries a lot of choices for their fashion preferences. Conservatives can now choose and wear long clothing like abaya and maxi shirt from other countries without necessarily piquing the interests of onlookers. Likewise, liberated girls can now enhance themselves with highly appealing modern clothing fashion. Hence, the fashionable choices of many people nowadays are becoming more varied and diverse, and often the fashion preferences of people are no longer limited to their native clothing that they have been used to, for their fashion tastes have already been imbued by the influences of other cultures’ popular lines of clothing.

If you want the kind of clothing that is somewhat unique and not popular in your place, you can visit online stores that readily sell clothing items. Via these online boutiques, you can expand your clothing choices. Moreover, these online stores readily deliver the item right to your doorstep, and for this reason, right at the comfort of your bedroom, you can readily buy whatever you like online, and have it conveniently delivered to your address.

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Get Great Trekking Shoes

Trekking is something that is quite challenging to do so you have to have the right gear before you leave. Instead of doing some mountaineering with the use of ordinary shoes, you should hike using special trekking shoes because these shoes have the essential features when it comes to taking on tough terrains and traveling long distances. Choose the right footwear before taking on an adventure to make sure that you avoid having troubles later on. Even though hiking shoes are more expensive compared to ordinary trainers, you should buy them so that you could take good care of your feet and enjoy your travels later on.

Before choosing a pair to put on for your trip, you should assess your needs first. That’s so you could get yourself the best ones that could let you deal with certain issues. Try to measure your weight and the weight of what you’re going to carry with you during your travel so that you would know what type of shoes to wear. Take note that not all footwear can manage to endure heavy weights. Also, you really have to get strong shoes because you still have to walk sideways from time to time. You might need those that have thicker soles than normal and soles that have gaps in between, to be exact. Moreover, you might have to purchase those that have a complicated lacing system that can help you secure your shoes in place.

If you’re going to hike in the wild or in a forested area, you also choose shoes that have color combinations that are ideal for camouflage. Also, you should get a pair that can protect you from heavy moisture. To blend in with the environment and to make sure that you protect your feet from rain, you could try searching for merrell moab mid waterproof colours on the web. Look for a pair of shoes that can’t be seen right away by animals that may attack even because of provocation, for your own safety. Take note that wearing bright-colored shoes may attract unwanted attention. If you have to pay extra, you should pay more just so you could get yourself shoes that are waterproof. You have to take good care of yourself so that’s why you should prevent exposing your feet from water that may be dirty or contain harmful microorganisms.

If you want to have strong shoes then you should definitely go for those that have thick soles and those high cut types. Going for low cut shoes may be alright if you’re not going to bring much for your trip. Aside from protecting your toes, you have to understand that your ankles also need support. High cut shoes are perfect for giving adequate ankle support. To make sure that your feet can remain steady no matter how challenging your trekking gets, you should get high cut boots that also have a great lacing system plus soles and lugs. After all, you can only keep your position still when you’re walking on steep and uneven grounds when you have shoes that can provide you with friction and features for stability.

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History Of The Engagement Ring

Whilst the host of platinum engagement rings ranges out there will likely convince you that the solitaire diamond band has been the go to promise ring for eternity, the truth is a little further out there. Certainly, the notion of ‘promise’ rings and jewellery has been around for thousands of years- think Ancient Egypt, for a start- but the modern ‘classic’ engagement ring is a lot younger then you may think.

The idea of diamond rings as gifts, of course, is a pretty old one, with one of our first records being the gift of Archduke Maximilian of Austria to his wife in 1477. Diamonds themselves have long been credited with magical powers, giving the wearer protection during battle and representing a love that was undying with their brilliant fire. The Romans even called them ‘star dust’ or fallen stars. However, the diamond- exactly because of this association with power, majesty and riches- was certainly not accessible to the average Joe on the street. As the diamond mines of South Africa started ramping production in the 1870s, the rock of ages became more easily accessible to the general public- vastly increasing demand.

The notion of the diamond as the one and only engagement stone, however, has to be credited to the joint efforts of the famous merchant Tiffany & Co and the diamond selling DeBeers Company. In 2 separate advertising campaigns, both in the early decades of the 1900’s, they managed to sell us on a concept so powerful it lingers to this day. Diamonds are forever, or at least they have been since DeBeers made it so in 1947. Tiffany are responsible for the exquisite classic solitaire claw setting that remains one of the most popular engagement ring styles to this very day. Between them, they’ve cemented this look as the ‘classic’ engagement ring loved and craved everywhere.

If it’s not for you, however, or you’re an offbeat and unconventional bride, don’t be afraid to experiment. Modern tension settings have allowed jewellery makers to explore a host of stunning new ways to set the traditional solitaire that harks back to this tradition while bringing a unique twist to it. Or opt for the older bezel style settings, where the diamond is encased in a thin rim of metal. While you lose some of the shine from the diamond with bezel settings, they’re sleek and modern and offer a low profile setting that’s perfect for busy and active brides who work with their hands.

You can experiment with band metal, too. While there’s a lot to be said in favour of platinum, don’t forget that white gold, rose gold and classic gold are at least as traditional for your engagement ring setting. In the end, your ring should be perfect for you, and whilst the solitaire has a long and hefty tradition, you should opt for a ring that symbolises your unique love, not what people thing you should have. Do it your way, and get a beautiful symbol of your lasting love for each other.

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The Perfect Womanly Corporate Outfit For You

You don’t have to look dull when you’re working in a corporate setting. In fact, you can become sexy and appealing when you work. Even though you should never put on clothes that are sexually suggestive when you go to your office, you can still have a beautiful or pretty look when you come to work because there are now stylish attires that are commercially sold especially for women worldwide. On the other hand, even though you have lots of options nowadays, there are some things that you still have to bear in mind when selecting garments. If you wish to know what you could choose to improve your look and to figure out the outfits that are really worth your money, please read on.

In order for you to select the right clothes for your physique, you should check out the different outfits that are commercially sold and then have a look at yourself in front of a mirror to imagine how you’d look like with some specific clothes on. However, you have to do more than that to choose what’s right for you. It’s best that you should make measurements of the dimensions of your physique to later on select what can fit on your body. Once you’ve already made measurements, it is then time for you to pick at least one attire for yourself. For your convenience, you should visit a website that has things like dress suits for women in order for you to make a choice easily and fast. What’s best about visiting a fashion site is that you would be able to see what’s trendy and also make comparisons with the utmost ease.

If you’re working in an office that usually has a cool environment then you might want to go for a suit because putting on a coat can help you feel warmer and also have a great physical appearance. But, if you’re going to wear a suit, you should be mindful of your inside shirt as well. If you have a blouse on, you should go for a coat that isn’t too thick. Go for a thick coat if you’ve got light clothing like a camisole so that you would not feel cold and end up having health complications. But, if you’re working in an environment that’s typically warm, you may choose to put on a dress instead. You may wear a blouse, even if you’re in the corporate world, but you should have it matched with pants or a skirt that can complement your looks.

You can go for trousers if you want to have a firm look but you may choose to put on a skirt if you wish to show your feminine features. Before you choose to wear slacks or jeans, you should know what’s appropriate for your workplace. But, when it comes to skirts, it’s best that you should go for those that are knee length types so that you would give an impression that you’re someone who is serious when it comes to business and also concerned about decency.

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6 Things Mary Poppins Taught Us About Style

Mary Poppins immediately brings to mind sensible and whimsically delivered life lessons, musical numbers, spoonfuls of sugar, and unusual tea times. Fashion isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, BUT, upon reconsidering, it’s ever so clear that Mary Poppins is actually quite the fashion influencer in her own right.

One of the first things that differentiates her from the other nannies who queue up on Cherry Tree Lane is that she actually has some style. True, Jane and Michael do request a nanny who is fairly pretty, but we’re not necessary talking about looks. What we’re referring to is her style, her fashion perspective.

Mary shows up in a proper hat, sensible heels, a long coat just like all the other nannies who end up floating away on a suspicious wind. But there’s a little something different about Mary’s ensemble: the hat has a tiny sprig of quirky flowers, the heels are bright purple, her carpet bag is patterned and gigantic, and of course there’s that bright red tie that adds a touch of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Upon rewatching Mary Poppins through this fashion lens, we’ve synthesized the style lessons that we learned from Mary over the years.

1. Make An Entrance

Mary Poppins shows up unannounced, literally blows away the competition, and waltzes in with the utmost confidence. This is how you enter a room, no matter what the outfit or occasion. Mary knows that style sometimes has more to do with attitude than apparel.

2. Add a Personal Touch

Mary doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with every outfit she wears. In fact, she tries to dress appropriate for every occasion: a proper nanny’s outfit for her “interview,” a white lace frock for a garden party, and a touch of soot on her nose for gallivanting on the roof. What she does do is put her own personal spin on it. She adds a pop of color (the shoes and tie), she has signature accessories that make her immediately recognizable, even in silhouette. Sometimes fashion is about subtle differences instead of a full-blown revolution.

3. Exaggerate Proportions

In the rooftop scene, Mary dons what might be the largest pink bow tie ever to be successfully worn in fashion history. The thing is, it doesn’t look ridiculous. Sometimes a ridiculously large bag or hat can take an ordinary outfit to extraordinary.

4. Signature Accessories

Mary is known for her carpet bag as much as she’s known for her parrot umbrella. These are some rather unusual accessories to sport at all times, but she totally pulls it off with her Mary Poppins confidence (see #2). They become so much a part of her persona, you no longer think it odd that she’s talking to her parrot umbrella or pulling a lamp out of her purse. That’s just Mary’s style, proving you can pull off outlandish accessories if you work them just right.

5. Don’t Let Style Get in the Way

Though Mary is always dressed perfectly for every occasion, she doesn’t let her high heels or fact that she’s wearing a rather frilly dress get in the way of having an adventure. She rides side saddle on the carousel horse, since she is a lady after all, but then goes on to win the race. She maintains her adorable outfit while prancing on rooftops, then outdoes all of the chimney sweeps in a twirling contest. Just because she’s dressed to the nines, doesn’t mean that she stays on the sidelines.

6. Be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

This one is a little hard to explain, but that’s kind of the point of the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious–it’s a word to use when you don’t know what to say. One might even say that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious might describe that indescribable thing that makes an “it” girl like Mary Poppins an “it” girl. It’s style, mixed with demeanor, mixed with charm, mixed with charisma, mixed with mystery.


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